Will Whitehorn

Virgin Galactic
ex President

Will Whitehorn is the former President of Virgin Galactic, he has also been a guest lecturer at University College London in business innovation.

As President of Virgin Galactic, Will was at the hub of one of the most exciting business and technology ventures of the twenty first century - commercial space travel. He took the project from being the nascent dream of Will's boss, Sir Richard Branson, to a project with real spacecraft, test flights and a spaceport.

Will steered Virgin Galactic from concept to reality, convincing investors, overseeing technical plans, and moving to a position where daily flights to one hundred miles above the Earth's surface was a genuine possibility. Few can claim to be involved in such a breakthrough project.

Will also served as the Virgin Group's Brand Development & Corporate Affairs Director. He was seen as Branson's right-hand man, having closely worked with him for o

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