30th October - 1st November 2017, Arena Berlin

EiG 2017 Start-Up Launchpad open for submissions until 22 September

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Download the application form here  or  apply via f6s.com


EiG Launchpad is a Dragon’s Den style start-up competition, featuring up to five start-ups, selected in a submission process to pitch their companies live to a panel of judges from the investment community, and a room full of iGaming executives, in attendance at the show.

EiG Launchpad has been running as part of EiG since 2008 and is now an important and respected cornerstone in the iGaming sector, especially for companies in their early stages looking to raise capital and gain industry exposure. Together with its counterpart at GiGse, the Launchpad has debuted many successful start-ups, including:

  • Colossus Bets
  • FSB Tech
  • Fresh8 Gaming
  • Imperus (now Tangelo Games)
  • BlueBat (now part of GreenTube)
  • NumberFire (acquired by FanDuel)
  • Casino VR
  • Lucky VR

The winner will be selected in audience voting, following a series of start-ups’ pitches and Q&A by the judging panel.

Congratulations to the winner of the 2015 Start-Up Launchpad - 1SpinMillionaire

In addition to getting the opportunity to speak in front of a room of industry experts, the lucky finalists will have the opportunity to showcase their company at the Start-Up Village with a stand on the EiG show floor.

The Rules – please read before applying

In establishing the rules for application for the EiG Launchpad, we ‘borrowed’ what we thought were the best ideas from a few technology associations and incubators from around London. For starters, it's ok to break the rules. That's what entrepreneurship is about. Just so long as you don't break more than two of them. 

  1. More than just a concept. We are looking for companies that are beyond just the ‘concept phase’. There must be a demonstrable product and we will heavily favour those able to bring a technical as well as commercial team member to help in the exhibition booth and show the company is built on solid technology. 
  2. ‘Early Stage’ only. This is a Launchpad… and as such we are looking for early stage companies.  Ideally, we are looking at those at prototype stage or who’ve launched in the last few months, and so haven’t gained significant media/investment attention and also are not at the idea concept! Publicly traded or large, well-known private companies are not eligible (this rule cannot be broken!).
  3. Ready to deploy capital. It is preferable but not required that the company or project must not have raised a large amount of money from institutional investors (small amounts from friends, family and mentors are ok, but the key word is 'small'). Also, this is not a forum for established companies seeking later stage capital or strategic exits (this rule cannot be broken!).
  4. A company not a product.  This is a stage for new companies and entrepreneurs to gain attention and investment; it is not for established companies to launch new products or even divisions (this rule cannot be broken!).
  5. Totally committed. The fewer existing commitments you have, and the more you can do to prove you are determined to execute the better.
  6. Solid core team. Your team should ideally consist of at least 2 people (ideally 2-10 people but no limit on the maximum number).
  7. Scalable Solution. We are looking for entrepreneurs with a unique perspective that are looking to take a scalable business solution to the next level.
  8. English Speaking. While we are looking for solutions and businesses that span the globe, EiG is an English speaking conference, hence English proficiency is required. 

The Submission Process

We’re now open for submissions for the EiG 2017 Launchpad and will be making final selections by the end of September to announce the finalists to the press. After final selection, you will be working closely with Melissa Blau to fine tune your presentation and make sure it addresses all of the required points.

  1. Please download, complete and submit the application form to ewa.bakun@clarionevents.com
  2. A shortlist of 4-6 companies will be selected.  Finalists will be contacted by mid-September and notified they are successful, and those who don’t make the cut will be notified then too.
  3. There will be 2 free passes allocated to the finalist companies, so they can make a solid pitch and man their exhibition space throughout the show. 

Download the application form here  or  apply via f6s.com

Deadline for submissions is Friday, 22 September, 5pm BST.

Good luck to you all! We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your dreams!

EiG Start-Up Village on the Expo floor

If you are a start-up with limited marketing budget, EiG might be a great promotional platform to build relationships with potential future customers and to find investors, in attendance at the show.

Start-up expo packages are available, so contact Pras Sri at pras.sri@clarionevents.com to find out more and secure your space.