Marco Blume

Pinnacle Sports
Head of Sports Book

Marco Blume is Head of Sportsbook at Pinnacle Sports (, one of the world’s largest and most respected online bookmakers. A native of Germany – born in Hamburg in 1976 – Marco applied an exceptional talent for logical and strategic reasoning to Magic The Gathering - a globally tradable card game - becoming one of the most successful ever professional players in the global game’s history. The potential application of those unique skills to risk-management was recognised by Pinnacle Sports, where in 2007 he was invited to join as a sports betting trader. Within two short years Marco’s passion and vision for risk-management saw him rise to Manager of European Sports, where he was pivotal in the repositioning of the organisation towards a European audience. After only four years with Pinnacle Sports, in recognition of his clear vision for the direction trading should take, Marco was promoted to the most senior sportsbook role within the organisation - Head of Sportsbook. While much of risk-management within the modern bookmaker industry has moved toward an outsourcing model - producing a homogenised product - Marco has remained true to the fundamentals of bookmaking - tight risk-management built on cutting-edge models. Guided by this philosophy, Marco has built a bookmaker that is the benchmark for all others to follow offering the lowest margins, the highest limits and a policy of welcoming winners that is in stark contrast to general industry practices.

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