EiG is no longer a conventional conference:

  • EiG is about Freedom. The freedom to think, the freedom to explore, the freedom to engage and the freedom to meet in the way that suits you as a consumer of information and insight.
  • EiG is a global gaming space where liberated minds come together to meet and think
  • EiG is a pro-active listener, partnering with the industry in order to remain relevant and topical
  • EiG embraces change and helps you to do the same
  • EiG does not just deal with the here and now – it always looks to the future
  • EiG is not afraid to look outside the gaming space for answers
  • EiG always challenges conventional thinking
  • EiG's currency is 'uncommon sense'
  • EiG will always aim to represent the industry's best value gaming space


Open your mind to a new EiG experience:

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