Daria Petralia

Agenzia delle dogane e dei monopoli (AAMS)
Head of Remote Gaming

Graduated with honors from Law School in 2010, at the beginning she worked as a lawyer. In 2012 she won a National Selective Competition for the training of Public Administration Managers, held by the Italian National School of Government (S.N.A.) and in 2013 she finished her training at the Relations with the European Parliament office of the Italian Permanent Representation to the European Union. Since October 2014 to last April, she had been Head of Deontology office of the Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency, that is responsible for the respect of disciplinary code and code of conduct, as well as of the implementation of measures against corruption. In the Customs Area, she headed also the Legal office specialised in Labour law.

Since September 2015 she has worked in the Monopolies Area, where she now heads the Legal counsellor office, that ensures advices on legal issues, particularly with regard to public tenders and licences. Since last May she has been heading also the Online gaming office and in this role she is now dealing with the new tender. She is the Italian delegate for the Expert Group on Gambling Services of the European Commission.   

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