Charles Coppolani


Charles Coppolani has been the Chair of the French Regulatory Authority for Online Gaming (ARJEL) since February 2014 and has also served as Chair of the Observatory of Games since March 2011.

Mr. Coppolani was the Head of the General Economic and Financial Audit in the Ministry of Economy, Finances and Trade from August 2006 through February 2014.  Prior to this office, he served in a number of capacities including Head of the Audit Mission with France Telecom; State Auditor of the National Military Funds for Social Security; Assistant Director, then Deputy Director of Legal Service and Judiciary Agency of Treasury; and Head of Division of Legal Consultations and Studies and Judiciary Agency of Treasury in the Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs.

Mr. Coppolani was Chair of the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC) Audit Body from October 2002 to October 2008.  Prior to that role, he was Chair of the Executive Committee followed by Chair of the Assembly of the IOPC Funds from October 1993 until October 2000.  He was an Associate Professor at the Paris University of Law, Economy an Social Sciences from 1995-2007 and a Lecturer at the Paris Institute for Political Studies from 1983-2000.

Mr. Coppolani graduated from the Paris Institute for Political Studies and post-graduated in Public Law.  He is a former student of the French Administration National School (Ecole Nationale d’Administration – ENA).






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