17 - 20 July 2018, RAI, Amsterdam

Blockchain Agenda

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Do you believe blockchain will revolutionise gambling? Still sitting on the fence? Join us on 1st November 2017 at Arena Berlin, to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes…

Starting from the beginning with a definition of blockchain, what it does, and how it could work for you, we will be covering everything you thought you wanted to know about the technology and more.

From advice on implementing blockchain into your existing business model from the British Business Federation Authority, to operator and regulator panels, and a case study from one of the world’s first blockchain casinos, Blockchain will answer your questions and help you decide whether to believe the hype or leave it up to chance.

The nascence of blockchain, its complexities and associations with hacking, hidden identity and fraud make learning and discussion of the topic difficult. Blockchain will provide an open learning and networking environment for the entire gaming value chain, from operators and suppliers to regulators.


Key Topics

  • A gamer’s guide to the blockchain galaxy - A simple definition of the tech, how it works and how other industries are deploying it.
  • Applications in gambling - Advice on building blockchain into your payments infrastructure weighed up against building operating platforms on the blockchain.
  • Roadmapping implementation - When is the safest time for your business to adopt new technology and how best do you manage the transition?
  • The impact on traditional operators - What are the benefits and challenges associated with implementing blockchain as an operator? Do traditional operators even have a choice in the matter, or will it be a case of adaptation for survival?
  • Journeying towards a regulated market - Hear from the regulators on their concerns and inhibitors to progress. Could they harness blockchain to help with their work?
  • Blockchain Casino Spotlight - A first-hand account of how blockchain operators’ offering differs from that of traditional operators.


Hear from:

  • Nick Garner, CEO, Oshi.io
  • Guillermo Olagüe Sánchez, Sub-Director of Gaming Regulation, Spanish Ministry of Finance
  • Patricia Lalanda, Partner, Loyra Abogados
  • Patrick Curry, Director, British Business Federation Authority
  • Eric Benz, Managing Director, Cryptopay
  • Peter Naessens, Head Of Regulatory Advice Unit, Research & Development, Belgian Gaming Commission
  • Morten Rønde, CEO, Danish Online Gambling Association
  • Aleksandra Fetisova, Project Manager, Dao.Casino 
  • Ksenia Bellman, BizDev, Dao.Casino 
  • Ivan Montik, CEO, SoftSwiss
  • Vasily Polynov, Head of Communications, TrueFlip.io 
  • Tomas Draksas, Co-Founder, Edgeless Casino 
  • David Mah, CEO, Wagerr

This diverse and vastly knowledgeable speaker line-up will be weighing up the pros and cons of blockchain implementation, and discussing the possibility of blockchain pressurising conventional gambling models to the extent that operators will have no choice not to take the red pill…

There are limited spaces available on this session, which means delegates will have to apply for a space on the session. 


If you have any questions regarding the agenda, please contact:

Layla Ali

Conference Producer – Gaming

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